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What to do if the police pull you over for any reason

Many traffic stops are routine matters where the driver committed a minor infraction, such as speeding, and the officer simply requests your license, registration, and insurance, and then writes you a ticket, and you go on your way. However there are other types of traffic stops that can lead to more problems. For example after…

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What to do if you are pulled over and the officer begins evaluating you for being under the influence

If you are pulled over for suspected Driving Under the Influence or stopped at a checkpoint, it may be wise to refuse to do the field sobriety tests, including the on-scene preliminary breath test. Some of these tests are not admissible in a trial anyway. The officer likely suspects you are intoxicated and these tests…

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What to do if the police approach you at your home, at work or any other location, and begin questioning you.

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