Criminal Defense Attorney Kansas City

Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Defend Me If I Am Guilty?

Regardless of your culpability in the crime, you have been charged with, a criminal defense attorney will provide you with an earnest and passionate defense. Some people worry that their lawyer will abandon them or provide a weak defense if they discover evidence of their client’s guilt. They do not need to worry about that because it is our job to make sure that our clients get a fair trial. It is the job of the prosecutor to try and prove that the defendant committed the crime. It is the job of the defense attorney to show that the prosecutor’s proof is not enough to warrant a guilty verdict. Ultimately, it is up to the judge and jury to decide guilt or innocence and the job of the attorneys is to try and convince them. 

So should you admit guilt to your attorney? It depends, but in all cases, you should be honest with your attorney, That is because we can only provide the best defense possible if we know all the details of your case. If you withhold any details, then there is still a good chance that the prosecutor can dig them up. It can cause a serious problem if the prosecution learns about vital information before we do. 

Regardless of whether you admit guilt or not, our job is always the same; to argue that the prosecutor cannot prove that you committed the crime. So it is always best to be honest with your Kansas City criminal defense lawyer. There is also no worry that we will disclose your guilt because attorney-client privilege allows criminal defense lawyers to keep confidential communication with their clients a secret.

Strategies of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas City

A criminal defense strategy varies depending on the nature of the case, but there are some universal strategies that criminal defense lawyers use to defend their clients. 

We Do Not Allow Our Personal Feelings To Interfere With The Case

Sometimes our clients will wonder whether we like them or not. The answer is that it does not matter. We believe in due process and that everybody deserves a fair trial. The focus on the law means that we always do our best to represent our clients no matter what.

Jury Selection is Key

The juror examination process, known as voir dire, is important because it can help in the defense of the client. That is because, when they are interviewing potential jurors, defense attorneys will always try and select the ones that are the most open-minded. This increases the chance that the defendant will be treated fairly since, ideally, none or at least a few, of the jurors will have any inherent biases. 

Once the jury has been selected, many defense attorneys look up the backgrounds of the jurors to see if they can find something in any of their lives to connect with the details of the case. That can make some of the jurors more sympathetic to the plight the defendant is facing.

The Jury’s Body Language Is Also Key

During a trial, both the defending and prosecuting attorneys carefully watch the body language of the jurors to see how they react to various elements of the case. Defense attorneys observe whether jurors show keen interest or if they turn away. These reactions allow the criminal defense lawyer to adjust their arguments in order to try and get the juror back on their side.

We Make Sure That The Defendant Is Presented Respectably

Criminal defense attorneys in Kansas City and all over the nation make sure that their clients are well-groomed and dressed appropriately for court. This is not just to influence the jury, it is also to show that the client has respect for the court and the justice system. If they show respect, then it is more likely that they will receive respect.

Do Not Hesitate To Call An Attorney If You Have Been Implicated In a Criminal Offense

In movies and TV shows, you will often see criminals who refuse to say a word until their lawyer is present. That is not just a fictional conceit, a criminal defense attorney is important in making sure that their client gets treated fairly throughout the entire process. We are often the only people willing to listen to our clients and to stand up for them. We are the best chance of keeping our clients out of jail or getting them a reduced sentence if they do end up incarcerated. So, if you have been implicated for a criminal offense in Kansas City, make sure to call the Law Office of Joel Rook to get the best possible defense.