Domestic Violence Attorney Kansas City

Anyone who has ever been the victim of domestic abuse knows how hard it can be to escape the situation. Many people will wonder why the victim doesn’t simply leave the abuser, but that is easier said than done because the abuser will often make the victim dependent on them in some way. They may also issue threats of violence or financial ruin to keep their victim in check. Some will also promise to change their behavior even though that will never happen. That is why victims of domestic abuse in Kansas City need an advocate and that is why they need the Law Office of Joel Rook.

Joel Rook is a domestic violence attorney in Kansas City who has over a decade of experience of treating survivors of domestic violence with the sensitivity and respect that they deserve. He knows how difficult it can be to escape from the grip of an abuser which is why he does everything in his power to help victims of domestic violence get the freedom and independence that they need. There are several other steps involved in getting away from a domestic abuser, and hiring a domestic violence attorney is just one of them. But Joel Rook will do his best to make sure that this step is a successful one because no one should be the victim of domestic abuse.   

What is Considered Domestic Violence?

Most people think of physical abuse when they hear the words “domestic violence,” which is also called intimate partner violence or family violence. However, abuse can take many different forms besides the physical. The following are the various types of abuse that are considered to be domestic violence.

Physical Abuse

This is one of the most common forms of domestic violence and is usually when one partner strikes or physically harms the other partner in some way. Physical abuse can also occur when someone denies medical coverage to their partner or forces them to engage in behavior that causes harm to themself. Physical abuse is the end product of threats or intimidation and is meant to instill fear in the victim. Physical abuse does not have to be directed towards the partner of the victim, it can also be directed towards their children or pets. No matter the target, the intent of the abuser is to exert dominance over the victim.

Sexual Abuse

This is when one partner forces the other to engage in sexual acts against their will. This can escalate all the way to rape but any type of forced intimate contact counts as sexual abuse. Sexual abuse, especially marital rape, is often under-reported because some people might hold the outdated belief that a husband cannot rape his wife or vice versa. That is, of course, not true because any kind of forced sexual act is considered rape regardless of the relationship between the people involved.

Emotional Abuse 

This is when one partner castigates, belittles, threatens, humiliates, or engages in other types of abusive behavior to their partner. This type of behavior is meant to diminish or eliminate the self-esteem and self-worth of the partner. This kind of domestic violence may not leave any physical scars but it can lead to severe psychological trauma that can include PTSD, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and even suicide.

Economic Abuse

Also called financial abuse, this is when one partner has control over the money and resources of the other and since they control the purse strings, they are able to exert control over their partner. This kind of abuse is about taking away one partner’s independence and making them completely reliant on the other partner. That can mean putting the victim on a strict allowance and carefully monitoring their spending. Economic abuse may not lead to the physical and emotional pain of other forms of abuse but it can make it much harder for the victim to leave because they may not have any means of supporting themself.

Support For Victims of Domestic Violence

An attorney is invaluable when it comes to helping with domestic violence, but there are many other forms of support that victims and survivors of domestic violence can use to help themselves. First of all, there are hotlines that victims of domestic violence can call to get help and advice. They can advise victims on what steps they need to take to get away from their abuser. There are also shelters that will gladly house victims of domestic abuse. Victims should also notify the police as well, especially if the abuse is violent. 

How an Attorney Can Help Victims of Domestic Abuse

Once the abuse has been reported, the court should file a restraining order. However, an attorney can help draft a stronger restraining order. That is called an order of protection or a protection from abuse order, both of which are designed to protect victims from their abusers. Joel Rook can help domestic abuse victims in Kansas City to file an order of protection against their accuser, and if the abuser violates that order, then they can get arrested.  

A protection order can include the following provisions, all of which are designed for the safety of the victim:

  • No Contact Provision – This prohibits the abuser from contacting the victim physically or digitally.
  • Stay Away Provision – It requires that the abuser keeps a specified distance from the victim.
  • Peaceful Contact Provision – This provision allows the abuser to peacefully communicate with the victim for specific reasons like childcare or visitation.
  • Move Out Provision – This requires that the abuser moves out of the home that they share with the victim.
  • Firearms Provision – The abuser has to give up any guns they own and they are not allowed to purchase a gun.
  • Counseling Provision – The abuser has to attend some form of counseling, such as anger management.

No One Should Be a Victim of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an unfortunate scourge that affects far too many people. The victims of domestic violence need to be protected and Joel Rook is dedicated to doing just that. He will file restraining orders as soon as possible in order to make sure that the victims are protected from their abusers. He will also represent them if the case goes to trial to make sure that they receive the best possible defense. Joel Rook is the domestic violence attorney in Kansas City who will do his best to help all victims of abuse.