What to do if the police pull you over for any reason

Police car

Many traffic stops are routine matters where the driver committed a minor infraction, such as speeding, and the officer simply requests your license, registration, and insurance, and then writes you a ticket, and you go on your way. However there are other types of traffic stops that can lead to more problems. For example after giving you a ticket or a warning, if the officer then initiates any other type of conversation with you, this may be an excuse to get your “consent” to the officer conducting a further investigation. In that case, simply ask if you are free to go, and if so, then leave. End the interaction. This way, if they continue to detain you, any evidence they obtain may be suppressed. Once their excuse for the initial stop is ended, they cannot legally detain you unless they have a reasonable, articulable suspicion, based on facts, that a further crime is being committed. If they do continue to detain you, it is important that you tell them that you do not wish to make any statements to them and that you need an attorney present. Be courteous but say nothing more than this. Anything you say to them can and will be used against you. They are allowed to tell you they can make a deal for you or get lenience for you; they cannot. Only the prosecutor and your attorney can make deals. Do not consent to them searching your vehicle. Make them do it illegally if they are going to do it. Then the resulting evidence will be suppressed. Furthermore some traffic stops are initiated without a legally sufficient reason and any resulting evidence can therefore be suppressed. This is not to be considered legal advice. Consult an attorney for legal advice.